Daily Reading – Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Macro Man: On The Therapist’s Couch

TMM have been chatting amongst themselves this morning having convened feeling non too happy for various individual reasons. Normally, the mood waves tend to cancel out, but today a set of troughs have interfered to create a rogue wave of grumpiness. To try and understand what has caused this we thought we’d get on the TMM therapist couch and answer ourselves some questions from the red tape recorder behind the “in case of emotional crisis break glass” glass.

So here we go…

FT Alphaville: S&P downgrades Italy

Una sgradita sorpresa…

FT Alphaville: Siemens in knots

Oh no no, of course we didn’t take cash out of a French bank!

The Big Picture: How Rare: S&P Dividend Yields vs Treasuries

Last week, Ron Griess of the Chart Store brought to my attention a common misunderstanding about dividend yields.

The Slope Of Hope: Why I Continue to Never Short AAPL


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