Tanker Weekly – January 7, 2013

(For The Week Ending January 4, 2013)

The fleet is growing slower in tankers than in dry bulk and the order-book is smaller in proportion to the fleet size. The difference is that the volumes are more stable in wet cargo, so overall maybe a bit better situation than in dry bulk, but the diagnose is the same: a lot of scrapping needed to induce some recovery.

Baltic Dirty Tanker Index fell 11.1%; Baltic Clean Tanker Index fell 4.6%.

TaintedAlpha.com Baltic Tanker Indexes - Performance 07-01-2013

TaintedAlpha.com Baltic Tanker Indexes 07-01-2013

TaintedAlpha.com Tanker DWT In Service 07-01-2013

TaintedAlpha.com Tanker Orderbook - Percentage Of Fleet In Service 07-01-2013


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