Daily Reading – Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gavyn Davies: No blueprint from the “big three” at Jackson Hole

Following the Jackson Hole symposium, market attention will be focused on the speeches by Ben Bernanke, Jean-Claude Trichet and Christine Lagarde. Golf used to have its “big three” – Nicklaus, Palmer and Player – and these three officials are clearly the equivalent among economic officials in the world today. With the developed economies apparently still failing to recover from the Great Recession, did they offer a co-ordinated blueprint for action? Not really.

FT Alphaville: Bill Gross has something to say

“I blew it.”

Well, not exactly. But this, we think, might be a first for him…

FT Alphaville: Inter-company, intra-state Chinese lending

Here’s an on-the-ground update of a Chinese practice with some Japanese origins.

the Atlantic: Square, the iPhone Credit Card Machine, Goes Mainstream

I first saw Square’s product when Gizmodo’s Mat Honan whipped one out at a dinner in San Francisco to help us split a check. Here’s how it worked: he ran my credit card through a tiny plastic doohickey (technical term) that attached to his phone. We entered the amount I owed for the pizza, inflated by the price of a couple Belgian beers, and voila, I’d paid him with a credit card.

Gawker: Tim Cook: Apple’s New CEO and the Most Powerful Gay Man in America

In a tragic moment for Steve Jobs, there is a bright spot: Tim Cook, who will succeed Jobs as Apple’s CEO, is an incredibly thorough and detail oriented boss who has revolutionized the way computers are assembled and steadily held the confidence of Apple’s employees and partners. He is also, as we reported in January, destined to become an icon for gay advancement.

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