Daily Reading – Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Macro Man: We can’t believe it

Politics is an evil subject, isn’t it? Far too bipolar in the US and it causes all sorts of trouble. That bipolarity is also pretty clear in the market.

Econbrowser: The Bonds of August

An Historical Analogy applied to today’s debt ceiling crisis, with apologies to Barbara Tuchman.

The Big Picture: Uncle Sam asks for more today

Another night of political finger pointing, scare tactics and fear mongering has the markets indifferent again. What is clear for a while and confirmed yesterday, this is not about economics, its all about politics and as I said yesterday, unless our ponzi scheme entitlement programs are altered in a significant way, the budget details are red herrings.

The Big Picture: Soros Ends His Run Investing Other People’s Money

Bloomberg announces that George Soros is closing his $25 billion hedge fun to outside investors–though there’s only about $1 billion in outside money to return.

The Big Picture: The Lean StartUp

Low Burn by Design not Crisis
Steve Blank and Eric Ries

China Daily: Property loans halted in 2nd and 3rd-tier cities

Commercial banks are halting individual property loans in the face of tightening monetary policyand limited lending quota, the China Securities Journal reported Thursday.

The New York Times: Hulu, Billed as Tomorrow’s TV, Looks Boxed In

Every sitcom. Every drama, documentary, reality show.

All of it — everything — Right Here Now.

This is the radical potential of the Internet. And this is the implicit promise of Hulu, the innovative Web site that drew the original borders of online television — the TV of tomorrow.

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