Daily Reading – Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FT Alphaville: What to expect from Chairman Bernanke

No doubt about the big financial event of the week — it’s Ben Bernanke’s first post-FOMC meeting press conference.

Gavyn Davies: Why has the American economy slowed down?

The past week has seen new highs for the year in many major equity markets, including the US. However, oil prices have continued to climb in ominous fashion, and there have been some weaker signals from the initial economic activity indicators which have appeared for the month of April.

FT Alphaville: Grantham comes face-to-face with a paradigm shift

In his latest quarterly letter he returns to one of those themes — runaway commodity prices — but on a much bigger canvas.

Reuters: China raises bar for polluters in restructuring plan

China’s top economic planning agency on Tuesday published a detailed list of industries that it would encourage, restrict or ban, a blueprint that could have a far-reaching impact on investment activity in China over the coming years.

Calculated Risk: Timing: New Home Sales and Home Builder Reports

“Sales remain very low by historical standards and, considering that a number of home builders reported large drops in orders recently, there is likely more weakness ahead.”

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