Daily Reading – Monday, April 25, 2011

The Big Picture: Is It 1994 Again?

There are several similarities between current trends and those in 1994, a year when many institutions were left destitute. Historical analogies can help us imagine what might happen, but identification of differences should be noted too.

The Big Picture: Cheapest Homes in 40 Years? Not Even Close…

The reality is quite different than the spin. No, it is not, as objective data reveals, especially cheap.

Calculated Risk: March Survey: Almost half of housing market is now distressed properties

The HousingPulse DTI indicated that nearly half of the housing market is now distressed properties.

Early Warning: Disquieting Saudi Oil Indicators and the Next Oil Shock

There are a growing number of indicators of concern in Saudi Arabian oil production…

Econbrowser: Saudi oil production and the Libyan conflict

One of the key questions in assessing the effect of the Libyan conflict on world oil prices was the extent to which an increase in Saudi production would offset some of the lost output from Libya. Now we know the answer, and it’s not reassuring.

The Reformed Broker: Become a Macro Strategist in Five Easy Steps!

Look at me! I’m a Global Macro Strategist! You can be one too – all you need is a Macro Strategy Newsletter! It’s simple, here are five easy steps…

Zero Hedge: America’s Fiscal Dead End: A 2013 “Minsky Moment”

Often times we are amazed that Deutsche Bank’s Peter Hooper works in the same place as that other “economist.” The reason is that yesterday, Hooper, who tends to have some of the most original sellside thoughts, came out with one of the best summaries of America’s fiscal dead end:an 8 page summary far more accurate and detailed than anything to ever come out of the rating agencies, yet one which reaches the correct conclusion.

Zero Hedge: Citi Expects A 76% Haircut On Greek Debt (And 95% If Country Waits 4 Years) For Debt/GDP Ratio Back Down To 60%

For example, to bring the Debt/GDP ratio down to 90% in 2011 would mean a 52% haircut, 63% haircut in 2012, 68% in 2013, 70% in 2014 and 70% in 2015.

The Economist: Trying to pull together

Africans are asking whether China is making their lunch or eating it.




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