Daily Reading – Thursday, April 21, 2011

JESSE’S CAFÉ AMÉRICAIN: Silver: Eligible Versus Registered and About That Big Inventory Change at Scotia Mocatta

Let’s refresh our understanding of the difference between registered and eligible status at the Comex.

JESSE’S CAFÉ AMÉRICAIN: Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – The Sagging Dollar and Blythe’s Twisted Knickers

The move in silver is remarkable, not only in its magnitude, but in the relatively small notice of it being taken outside of trading circles.

FT Alphaville: Barber-ians at the (Greek) gate

Now that talk of Greek debt restructuring has once again reared its head we’re starting to get those ‘who holds Greek bonds’ notes (again) . And here’s a nice one from Citi’s Greek banking team.

FT Alphaville: Greece is gonna get those restructuring whisperers

Someone’s in trouble.

Wednesday’s market whispers – that Greece was going to announce a restructuring of its debt as soon as this Easter weekend — have spurred a response from the country’s finance ministry.

But the response is not so much about a possible restructuring per se, as the rumours themselves.

FT Alphaville: QEnding: rates and fates

A lot of people have been hard at work lately disputing the Pimco-nian idea that the end of QE2 will lead to an inevitable climb in yields.

FT Alphaville: Say goodbye to Anglo Irish

Dubliners out and about on Thursday, might notice that Anglo Irish has disappeared. The nationalised bank has removed signage from its offices ahead of a planned rebranding.

Condor Options: Why I’m Not Worried About VIX Derivatives

The team at FT Alphaville have been on a tear recently, analyzing all manner of VIX-related issues and potential problems. I’ve linked to those posts below, and they’re definitely worth reading even though I don’t agree with everything there.

The Big Picture: If You Don’t Own Apple Products, Can You Be An AAPL Investor?

The Big Picture: How to Read National Association of Realtors News Release

For this post, we will look at our favorite chart — Existing Home Sales (NSA) — and also teach you how to read a National Association of Realtors news release.

Streetwise Professor: Don’t Blame Me! Blame Those Damned Speculators!

Obama has inserted himself into the oil speculation debate, adding his voice to the baying mob demanding that the usual suspects be rounded up for causing excessively high oil prices…


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