Morning Reading – Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FT BeyondBRICs: Gulf: no escape from contagion fears

The political contagion hitting Gulf stock markets is starting to look like a plague.

Roubini Global Economics: Why Portugal Needs a Bailout in One Chart

With Portuguese interest rates above the 7 percent level at which their sovereign debt—even if it is considerably lower than that of say Greece—becomes unsustainable, the point in time at which the country will be forced to accept an EU-IMF financial assistance package looks imminent.

FT Alphaville: Portugal, a broken debt market

Or, asking the ‘If the ECB won’t, who will buy this stuff?’ question…

…and getting an ominous silence.

Felix Salmon: When Goldman’s board meetings leaked

Back in April of last year, I was indignantly informed by Rajat Gupta’s PR people that he wasn’t being investigated by the SEC, just examined. “This is an important distinction,” they told me. Well, it seems that either the examination subsequently turned into an investigation, or else that the distinction wasn’t that important after all…

The Big Picture: Marc Faber Interview

Interview with Dr. Marc Faber…

FT Alphaville: Brazil’s balance sheet, oil, and the BRL

To what extent is the current strength of the BRL based on the expectation of something that hasn’t happened yet?

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