Morning Reading – Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FT Alphaville: The third dissenter

The much-awaited February Bank of England minutes are out — and lo and behold — it looks like Monetary Policy Committee member Andrew Sentance was right.

Business Insider: Merrill: Here’s When Surging Oil Starts To Break The Global Economy

Oil prices are surging. When do they begin seriously harming the global economy?

Infectious Greed: Japan’s Phillips Curve Looks Like Japan

No idea how I missed this, I am in awe at this finding: Japan’s Phillips curve looks like Japan. Suddenly all of economics is put in a new Rorschach-ian light.

The Reformed Broker: Inequality Illustrated

Of particular interest to me was this bit, a graph showing what the actual wealth distribution in this country is versus what Americans think it is versus what Americans would like it to be…

JESSE’S CAFÉ AMÉRICAIN: Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Empire Strikes Back

Did we mention that this is an option expiration week at the Comex? Tomorrow is the day.

JESSE’S CAFÉ AMÉRICAIN: SP 500 and NDX March Futures Daily Charts

Flat now, and waiting for the market to tell us which way next. The support is fairly obvious. I will be looking at the short term indicators later on. So far we do not have a general ‘sell’ signal on more than the short term.

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