China CPI Inflation In December At 4.6%; PPI Inflation At 5.9%

(For December 2010)

China Consumer Price Index was up 4.6% in December, right at the consensus. November reading was at  5.1%. Most significant contribution to inflation deceleration came from lower food price inflation.

China Producer Price Index was up 5.9% vs. 5.7% consensus and 6.1% November reading.

CPI number looks kind of tweaked, nevertheless the inflation should again pick up in January on increased fuel prices and seasonal effects (Lunar New Year is latter this year).

Chart 1. Producer & Consumer Price Indexes Growth



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2 Responses to “China CPI Inflation In December At 4.6%; PPI Inflation At 5.9%”

  1. UK-Man Says:

    Well well indeed

    Looks like China needs to learn more from the UK that up 2.5% extra on VAT the other week only to see the so called offical CPI index go up zero percent.

    Stamps in the UK are about to go up 12-14% and we are to beleive inflation is running in low single digits ? are we so stupid or does the UK CPI only include items that are going down.

    it’s a sham and thats why i hold on to silver and gold plus it keeps money away from the banksters.

    A revolution is coming ready or not.

  2. Volledig Casco Says:

    readig this was fun


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