Morning Reading – December 22, 2010

FT Alphaville: ECB rollover day [updated with result]

The results are in and it seems the ECB alloted €149.5bn in its 3-month long-term refinancing operation.

That’s slightly less than the sum expected by Unicredit which was €154bn (€108bn from the 3-month, plus €46bn from the 12-month). Also worth pointing out that there was a total of 270 bidders.

Of course, we won’t know the full picture until the results of the main refinancing operation on Thursday.

FT Alphaville: Anything but rate hike policy in China

Remember how every man and his dog were speculating about an imminent interest rate hike in China?

Well it seems most analysts have now changed their tune.

The Big Picture: Kass: Surprises for 2011

Doug Kass has been teasing Fast Money watchers, dribbling out his “Unexpected Surprises.” (He will be dropping two more per week every Monday).

The Big Picture: And in ETF News

NEW YORK (Big Picture Exclusive) – Gargantuan money manager Blackrock reported on Friday that assets in U.S.-listed exchange-traded funds and exchange-traded products have surpassed the $1 trillion milestone for the first time.

The Big Picture: LEH: Its All Good Now!

Now that we have gotten that little Lehman thingie behind us, we can concentrate on what really matters: Bonuses!

The Slope of Hope: The Analog – Warped Surge or Death Knell?

It’s been exactly a month since I took a look at the 1937-1942 analog.

What’s discouraging is that this analog, in retrospect, nailed every single turn in the market for two solid years, but the recent surge made have been the equivalent of a fatal knife wound to the analog. Here’s the S&P – – point #20 is the aforementioned wound.

The Slope of Hope: Truly Astonishing

The NASDAQ 100 is within spitting distance of a new post-2000 crash high. It’s as if the entire 2007-2008 meltdown never happened at all. Breathtaking and heartbreaking.

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