Early Morning Reading – December 9, 2010

Econbrowser: Worrying about oil prices

The price of oil moved above $90 a barrel yesterday. Is it time to become concerned about the possible macroeconomic effects?

FT.com Alphaville: To the Japanisation of bonds, and back again

At the time when 10-year US bond yields were trading near 4 % it was Japanese portfolio managers, including the reserve managers of the BoJ who understood what the ‘Japanisation’ of international bond markets meant. Japan bought bonds aggressively when bond yields were falling from 4% to 2.5%. Now BoJ data show that Japan has started selling bonds.

The Big Picture: Consumer Deleveraging Continues

The Fed released its report on consumer credit, and it comes as no surprise that revolving credit eased for the 26th consecutive month as consumers continue to shed credit — either by paying it down or, in some cases, walking away from it.

Calculated Risk: CB Richard Ellis: Office Vacancy rate to peak in Q2 2011

According to Reis, the office vacancy rate hit a 17 year high in Q3, but the rate of increase has slowed.

Today CB Richard Ellis released a forecast for the office market: U.S. Office Real Estate Vacancy Rate expected to decline modestly in 2011

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