Evening Reading – December 7, 2010

FT.com Alphaville: There’s something about the Italian interbank market

Hello, two-tiered (three-tiered?) market!

Goodbye, remaining Euribor relevance.

FT.com Alphaville: Building a better European stress test

Peaking over the horizon this Tuesday — some more European banking stress tests.

FT.com BeyondBRICs: Why are Chinese schoolkids so good?

There are two stereotypes about schooling in east Asia: the students work extremely hard, and the learning is by rote. In fact, things are more complicated, as the OECD’s latest global schools survey has shown.

The Big Picture: 2003 Versus 2009 Rallies (2005 as the Focus)

2003-05 vs 2009-10

The Slope Of  Hope: Silver Seems Just a Skosh Toppy

Calculated Risk: BLS: Job Openings increase sharply in October, Labor Turnover still Low

The number of job openings in October was 3.4 million, which was up from 3.0 million in September. Since the most recent series trough in July 2009, the number of job openings has risen by 1.0 million or 44 percent.

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