Morning Reading – December 6, 2010

Bloomberg: China’s skyscraper boom buoys global industry

The 121-story Shanghai Tower is more than China’s next record-setting building: It’s an economic lifeline for the elite club of skyscraper builders. Alphaville: Something else made in China – Chinese GDP

Uh oh.

Wikileaks, fresh from angering US authorities, might be about to incur the wrath of China’s economic establishment. The controversial site has published a US embassy cable containing comments made in 2007 by Li Keqiang — then head of the Communist Party in Liaoning and now the man some tip to become the PRC’s next head of government.

The Big Picture: Focus on the Next Crisis — Not the Last One . . .

You still have an investment culture that’s still too heavily steeped in the most recent experience rather than rationally basing it on the evidence of the day. We had such a terrible crisis of ‘08,’ it’s not surprising to me that the first slowdown of the recovery brought back deflation-depression mentalities with vengeance.

Calculated Risk: Bank Failures per Week in 2010

This graph shows bank failures by week in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

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