Evening Reading – December 6, 2010

News from the the future (2013): After receiving a 30% haircut Greece debt to GDP ratio is at 112%. Sustainable…o yeah.

guardian.co.uk: Greece seeks longer to repay €110bn IMF bailout loan as austerity bites

IMF team flies in to Athens amid fears over economic recovery and reforms as EU predicts public debt at 160% of GDP by 2013.

The Big Picture: The extent of ECB bond purchases last week

To quantify the extent of the bond purchases of Ireland, Greece and Portugal last week which definitely lifted them by Friday off the early week Irish bailout induced weakness, the ECB said they bought 1.965b euros worth. It’s the most since the early part of the part of the program and compares with 1.35b in the week of Nov 22, 713mm the week of Nov 15 and 1.07b in the week prior to that.

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