Morning Reading – December 2, 2010 Beyond BRICs: Why QE2 is bad for emerging markets

Received wisdom suggests that QE2 will be bullish for emerging market equities. A tidal wave of money is being created in the US, which will find its way across the Pacific and into funds investing in high-growth countries like India, Indonesia, and China. Policymakers in those markets got spooked.

But has the past month proved the logic to be totally wrong? Is QE2 in fact a bearish signal for emerging markets? There’s increasing evidence that the ‘this time its different’ crowd could soon be found out. Alphaville: Spain’s problem, Italian job

On the eve of another crisis-hit ECB policy meeting, here’s a WSJ story that’s rather telling, following Wednesday’s hints that the Bank will buy more sovereign debt from a panicked market in the coming weeks Alphaville: No nuclear announcement from the ECB

There’s really only one thing on the agenda this Thursday – the ECB’s meeting and subsequent press conference.

The Big Picture: Virtuous Cycle: Will NFP Lead to More Capex, Hiring?

The employment situation has been gradually improving. Has it reached the point where an upside surprise is possible?

The Big Picture: Top Economic Forcasters

Here are Bloomberg’s run of Wall Street’s top economic prognosticators.

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