Book Reviews: The Last Oil Shock: A Survival Guide to the Imminent Extinction of Petroleum Man By David Strahan

Contrary to books title which is in my view to extreme, this is balanced and well written book on today’s energy situation and all the accepts of finding, developing , using crude oil and it’s importance for civilization.

I have stated my view on peek oil theory couple of times in my posts. I’ll repeat it once more: It is harder and harder to find additional oil resources; current  rate of oil reserves discovery is not high enough to replace the crude oil we consume each year, at some point in time the oil production will start to decline, but also (here I disagree with peek oil theorists) I think that we people can adapt fast to the world in which we use less oil so the Armageddon theories of peek oil effects are false in my view.

The book covers: geopolitics of oil, explains Hubbert curve, examines world crude oil resources, outlines importance of oil to modern way of life, explores oil alternatives and plays a mental exercise how the world would look like without oil.

It uses (in most cases) respectable scientific sources to explain it’s case. This is the most valuable aspect of this book, as you can use source author used to write this book to start your own research .

I look at this book as a introduction to the worlds energy situation and not as another peek theorist biased case; as such I think it is great resource.

Full Disclaimer: I have bought these book with my own money and I have not been encouraged in any way to do this review .

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