Tainted Alpha First Anniversary

Time passes so fast. Today marks one year since my first post (The World Today) was released.

It has been a troublesome year both for the markets and for me. In meantime I have changed firms and I have to say (despite hardship in the process) it worked out great.

652 posts later I have to say I have learned  a lot from my blogging, it has improved my understanding of the markets and blogging has strengthen my discipline in keeping up with the developments.

Focus vise (despite original idea and plans), I have totally moved moved in macro world. I find this part of the market most interesting and rewarding and I plan to stay focused here.

As always improvements are coming, as some of you have already noticed the future via. leading indicators is a theme I increasingly focus on.

Thanks to all of my readers for reading, thanks to fellow bloggers for the help and advice, Tainted Alpha Blog continues….

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