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U.S. Petroleum Weekly – 28 April 2010

Crude oil stocks rose 2 million barrels for week ending 23 April; Gasoline stocks fell 1.2 million barrels; Distillate stocks rose 2.9 million barrels; Propane/propylene stocks increased 3.6 million barrels; Other oils stocks rose 1.1 million barrels; Total crude oil and petroleum stocks were 12.9 million barrels higher than the week before. Refinery utilization rose […]

MBA Mortgage Applications Down 2.9%

MBA mortgage applications fell 2.9% for week ending 16 April, the prior reading was an increase of 13.6%. Large surge in purchase index (+7.4%) was more than offset by falling refinance index (-8.8%). Chart 1. MBA Mortgage Applications

Euro Stoxx 50 Bellow Trendline

Euro Stoxx 50 broke all the moving averages and moved bellow the trend line. Chart 1. Euro Stoxx 50

Greece & Portugal Update

Well, the Greek government bonds are getting destroyed, Portuguese follow suit. European politicians have to send some kind of message of reassurance to the markets otherwise we could be bound for a quite of a collapse. Chart 1. Greek Government Bond Yield Curve Chart 2. Portugal Government Bond Yield Curve


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