Jean- Claude Trichet On Deficits

As I wrote yesterday: Can’t See The Forest For The Trees; the EU deficit and debt problems are far smaller than for the U.S., particular U.S. states, U.K. and Japan. Jean- Claude Trichet seems to agree. Bloomberg story: Trichet Struggles to Convince on Euro-Area Solidity.

Still, Trichet said the “solidity” of the euro area “is not necessarily very well known” and its situation compares “very flatteringly with a number of other industrialized countries.”

He said that according to the International Monetary Fund, in 2010 the average deficit for the entire euro region should be around 6 percent of GDP.

“Can I mention what it is for other major industrialized countries,” Trichet said. “The U.S., a little bit more than 10 percent, Japan, a little more than 10 percent, and you can find out other industrialized countries that are even higher than 10 percent.”

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