Respect To The Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Good that I closed the UNG position, I have saved myself from a lot of profits. U.S. Natural Gas Weekly – 03 December 2009. Like with JPY the entry point was a absolute high/low, but I earned almost nothing. P….. It’s a part of my trading strategy not to loose money, but it’s hard to look at unrealized profits because of low loss tolerance.

Chart 1. United States Natural Gas Fund (UNG)



Respect to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing committee to delay Oleg Dripaska’s Rusal IPO. Guardian story: Russian aluminium provider Rusal forced to delay $3bn flotation. Finally someone to said that (poor) Russian companies corporate governance, strange relationships between shareholders; between the company and other investments controlled by same shareholder(s); between the company, largest shareholder(s) and the government don’t belong to the developed market stock exchanges.

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    […] of hype on Rusal Hong Kong IPO today. As I wrote earlier (Respect To The Hong Kong Stock Exchange) I do not think highly off the company. Beside massive overcapacity in aluminum the problems for me […]


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