Bank of America Repaying TARP

Bank of America announced that it will repay all bail out funds. Bloomberg link: Bank of America to Repay Bailout, Easing CEO Search. The stock is trading up 4% despite massive dilution. No comment.

Initial jobless claims were reported at 457.000 vs. 466.000 and 485.000 consensus. Again falling steady. Bloomberg story: U.S. Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Fall to One-Year Low.

ECB has kept the rates unchanged as expected as expected. Risky assets are looking a bit tired.

I find highly amusing the news surrounding Russia’s Rusal (worlds largest producer) owned by Mr. Oleg Deripaska potential IPO. Financial Times story: Setback for Rusal IPO plans. Looks like Chinese investors will get good price for the offering.

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