Declining Dollar

Lots of attention today to the declining dollar. Interesting article on that theme in the WSJ by David Malpass from the Encima Global LLC. WSJ link: The Weak-Dollar Threat to Prosperity.

Chart 1. US Dollar Index

$USD 08102009

Looking at the sentiment it looks U.S. dollar is bound lower, but again it brings a lot of problems to the exporting countries and I wonder if their central banks will react?

Chart 2. VIX

$VIX 08102009

The VIX again made a significant move down making the long volatility option position appealing again.

U.S. Retail Sales came 1.1% higher. Lots of optimism on that, but for me nothing crucial. Bloomberg story: U.S. Retail Sales Rise for First Time in 13 Months.

The equity market are higher today, but it feels the mini rally is loosing strength.  The treasury yields rose on less then average demand at the 30 years treasury auction. Important segment to watch, as the U.S. deficit financing is crucial for the future market path.

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