Revisit To The US Natural Gas

Excess gas coming to the  spot markets due to light demand and curbs imposed by pipeline industry continue to cause wild swings in the spot markets. If we look at the futures markets those swings are not so strong probably due to size of futures markets in comparison to physical markets.

Chart 1. US Natural Gas Futures

US Natural gas FMF 14092009

UNG managers have decided to issue new shares. story: UNG’s Managers Decide To Re-Open Natural Gas Fund. Important, they are already now claiming that it will be hard for them to match unit creation with investing in the underlying. I still don’t find the circumstances favorable for taking a position.

Chart 2. UNG Market Price vs. NAV

Spread UNG Market Price vs. NAV 14092009

The futures curve has changed slightly only in front month contracts.

Chart 3. US Natural Gas Futures Curve

US Natural Gas Futures Curve 14092009


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