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Daily Reading – Thursday, February 2, 2012

FT Alphaville: US unemployment “progress”

FT Alphaville: That Eurozone repo contraction, charted

FT Alphaville: The word from Zug – Xstrata confirms Glencore approach

Sober Look: Copper inventories shift from LME to SHFE

Tech Crunch: You Know What’s Cool? $1 Billion In Profits

FT BeyondBRICs: IMF to Argentina: so close, yet so far

FT BeyondBRICs: Brazil’s Vale: no more “no comment”?

Calculated Risk: U.S. Light Vehicle Sales at 14.18 million annual rate in January

Daily Reading – Friday, January 27, 2012

FT Alphaville: SocGen: hedgies short euro against dollar “like never before”

FT Alphaville: Portugal, back in the frame

FT Beyond BRICs: China: digger sales in the ditch

The Big Picture: Average Correlation of S&P 500 (1986-2012)

The Big Picture: The Shift from Manufacturing to Service Economy

Daily Reading – Wednesday, January 25, 2011

FT Alphaville: Apple wins at profits. And hyperbole

FT Alphaville: China is not rebalancing a) yet, or b) enough

FT Alphaville: Margin call, the LTRO movie

Macro Man: Non-Predictions for 2012 -Random

The Big Picture: The Fed again brings out its crystal ball

The Big Picture: Comparing Income, Corporate, Capital Gains Tax Rates: 1916-2011

The Big Picture: Euro Zone Bank Stress Test

The Big Picture: Fukushima Operator Admits 20% Increase In Radiation

Daily Reading – Tuesday – January 24, 2012

FT Alphaville: Flash PMIs and Germany’s bragging rights

FT Alphaville: Go directly to the ECB, do not pass Go, do not collect €200

FT Alphaville: UK debt: £1,003,900,000,000

FT Alphaville: Japan’s trade switcheroo

FT Alphaville: A Feng Shui facepalm

FT BeyondBRICs: India pauses on rates, cuts CRR

Bloomberg: Goldman Sachs Says U.S. Performance May Appear Better Than It Is: Economy

The Big Picture: Debt Doesn’t Matter ?

Daily Reading – Monday, January 23, 2012

The Daily Stag Hunt: The Correlation Of Laughter At Fomc Meetings

Gavyn Davies: Fed to reveal almost all

Gavyn Davies: How the Fed defeated President Truman to win its independence

FT Alphaville: The LTRO rally is young, says SocGen

FT Alphaville: The ECB creates artificial life

FT Alphaville: Mark Faber on why equities are better than ‘safe assets’

The Big Picture: Is Anyone Any Good at Picking Hedge Fund Managers?

The Big Picture: SecondMarket: Private Company Market 2011 Report

Daily Reading – Thursday, January 19, 2012

FT Alphaville: The EBA 9% rule and the Eurozone crisis

FT Alphaville: Who did, and didn’t, tap the three-year LTRO

FT Alphaville: BHL sur le late AAA

FT Alphaville: Greek lessons for Portugal

FT BeyondBRICs: Labour unrest in China – no letup soon

FT BeyondBRICs: [Snap]: Brazil cuts rates by 50bp

Daily Reading – January 18, 2012

The Big Picture: Google, Wikipedia, 1000s Go Black to Protest SOPA/PIPA

The Big Picture: Web Sites to Go Dark

The Big Picture: IMF wants more cash, glass half full or half empty?

FT Alphaville: Goldman in Q4…

FT Alphaville: China’s property sector goes from bad to worse

FT Alphaville: World Bank joins the gloomfest

FT Alphaville: The great Australian bond run

Calculated Risk: Industrial Production increased 0.4% in December, Capacity Utilization increased

the bonddad blog: The ECRI Weekly Leading Index, unmasked

Daily Reading – Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FT Alphaville: Don’t worry, it’s normal for China’s GDP to appear a little weird

An American Perspective from China: BBC: China’s 2011 GDP Numbers

FT Alphaville: Is it a rally, or is it short covering?

FT Alphaville: Citi results disappoint

FT Alphaville: How will the world live with $100 oil?

The Big Picture: 2011: Disastrous Year For Mutual, Hedge Fund Managers

FT BeyondBRICs: UBS on EM equity: where you’ve made money or lost it, and how that will change

Daily Reading – Tuesday, January 10, 2011

The Economist: More damning data

The Reformed Broker: Today in Groupthink: Wall Street’s S&P 500 Estimates

FT Alphaville: Our multi-speed world…

Calculated Risk: NFIB: Small Business Optimism Index increases in December

The Big Picture: Nonfarm Payrolls: A Tale of Two Charts

FT BeyondBRICs: China trade: the bad news

FT BeyondBRICs: China’s Riviera?

Daily Reading – Tuesday, January 3, 2011

The Big Picture: The Cotton Candy Rally

FT Alphaville: “It is a big number…”

FT BeyondBRIC’s: China PMI: beware the calendar effect

FT BeyondBRIC’s: Chart of the week: high-speed rail

The Slope Of Hope: A Major Lesson from Last Year

Streetwise Professor: Time to Short the Russian Market!

The Reformed Broker: The Red Giant (Five Reasons Facebook is Over)

Daily Reading – Thursday, December 22, 2011

FT Alphaville: Q&A: The ECB’s three-year loans

Gavyn Davies: ECB balance sheet sucked further into the crisis

The Big Picture: Draghi speaks and will likely pat himself on back

The Big Picture: Dividend-Paying Stocks

The Big Picture: Global Earnings Estimates Analysis

Spiegel Online: Argentina’s Lessons for a Crisis-Ridden Europe


FT Alphaville Video: Interview with Goldman’s Jan Hatzius

Daily Reading – Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Big Picture: Peanuts, beer, 3 yr loans here!

FT Alphaville: A €360bn LTRO?

FT Alphaville: The carry trade and the goldilocks LTRO

Calculated Risk: Housing Starts increase in November

Marginal Revolution: Roman Empire More Equal than the United States

Naked Capitalism: Mark Ames: The Massacre Everyone Ignored: Up To 70 Striking Oil Workers Killed In Kazakhstan By US-Supported Dictator

Daily Reading – Friday, December 16, 2011

FT Alphaville: How big could the Sarko trade go?

FT Alphaville: More on the collateral crunch

FT Alphaville: It’s the balance of payments, stupid

FT Alphaville: A heretical glimpse into the ghost of copper future

The Big Picture: European bonds rallying sharply again

FT BeyondBRICs: India pauses on interest rates

Daily Reading – Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Big Picture: What Changes Await Us in 2012?

The Big Picture: France losing its AAA? Market says long overdue

FT Alphaville: China’s iron ore imports mystery, solved…

FT BeyondBRICs: [video] Tensions rise over land in south China

Daily Reading – Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Macro Man: De-xia Vu

FT Alphaville: The Saudi production puzzle

FT Alphaville: Collateral crunch, commodity financing edition

FT Alphaville: As Chinese apartments go, so goes China

FT Alphaville: European banks ‘need tons of money’, says GMO

FT Alphaville: FOMC statement, 13 December 2011

FT Alphaville: You have 24 months to comply

FT Alphaville: At home with Ben

The Big Picture: Flight to Quality Funding of the U.S. Budget Deficit


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