U.S. Natural Gas Weekly – November 4, 2011

(For The Week Ending October 28, 2011)

Further deterioration in fundamentals.

Working gas in storage rose 78 Bcf from previous week. Consensus was at 72 Bcf.

Storage level is 27 Bcf lower than same time year ago and above 5-year average.

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  1. Giulyene Says:

    James I am so proud of you. You mentioned how thnfkaul you were to those around you and all those who have helped you along in this process, BUT I have to say thanks right back at ya! You (and the rest of BLDEIII) contestants motivate me EVERY time we meet and I read your blogs. You are amazing people with such determination and mental strength. We are very lucky to have all of you. I can’t wait until next summer when I can stop by the Preacher farm and get some fresh produce !!!!! Way to be planning and thinking ahead. Nice work!


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