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Daily Reading – Friday, August 5, 2011

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*** FT Alphaville: Keep calm and carry on [updated] ***
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*** FT Alphaville: The cash killing BNY Mellon: details ***

July Nonfarm Payrolls Rose117.000; Private Payrolls Up 154.000; Unemployment Rate At 9.1%

Nonfarm payrolls rose 117.000 in July; Consensus was at 75.000; June reading was an increase of 18.000. The unemployment was reported at 9.1% vs. prior reading and consensus of 9.2%.

Private payrolls were up 154.000 vs. 108.000 consensus and 57.000 reading in March.

By all means this is not a strong report, but is much, much better than feared.

U.S. Freight Carloads Weekly – August 5, 2011

U.S. railroads originated 292,812 carloads, down 2.5% compared with the same week in 2010 and down 5.1% compared with 5-year average. Week over week change was +0.3%.

U.S. Natural Gas Weekly – August 5, 2011

Working gas in storage rose 44 Bcf from previous week.

Storage level is 190 Bcf lower than same time year ago and bellow 5-year average.


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