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U.S. Motor Vehicle Sales Rose 6.9% In July

U.S. total motor vehicle sales rose 6.9% to 12.2 million SAAR in July. On year level motor vehicle sales are up 5.4%.

Daily Reading – Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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*** Economix: Is Deflation Back? ***

MBA Mortgage Applications Up 7.1%

MBA mortgage applications rose 7.1%; Prior reading was a fall of 5.0%; On year level MBA Basic Index is down 22.6%.

ADP Employment Rose 114,000 In July

ADP Employment rose 114,000 in July vs. revised (down 12,000) gain of 145,000 in June.

Challenger Job-Cuts For July At 66,414

Challenger’s count of layoff announcements was reported at 66,414 in July vs. 41,432 in June.


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