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Daily Reading – Wednesday, June 8, 2011

*** The Big Picture: Behind Ben’s psyche says ‘QE more’ always possible again ***
*** Thin Progress: The Myth Of The Jobless Recovery ***
*** FT Alphaville: China has ‘upped the ante’ in financial suppression, Dylan Grice says ***
*** FT Alphaville: Oxymoronic LME stocks ***
*** FT Alphaville: Sino-Forest: the case for the prosecution ***
*** FT Alphaville: Sino-Forest: the case for the defence ***
*** FT Alphaville: Nomura says not a lot of cash growing on Sino Forest’s trees ***
*** Financial Post: Muddy Waters Sino-Forest research ‘pile of crap’: Dundee ***
*** DealB%k: A Trader, an F.B.I. Witness, and Then a Suicide ***

MBA Mortgage Applications Down 0.4%

MBA mortgage applications fell 0.4%; Prior reading was a fall of 4.0%; On year level MBA Basic Index is down 7.7%.


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