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Daily Reading – Monday, April 25, 2011

*** The Big Picture: Is It 1994 Again? ***
*** The Big Picture: Cheapest Homes in 40 Years? Not Even Close… ***
*** Calculated Risk: March Survey: Almost half of housing market is now distressed properties ***
*** Early Warning: Disquieting Saudi Oil Indicators and the Next Oil Shock ***
*** Econbrowser: Saudi oil production and the Libyan conflict ***
*** The Reformed Broker: Become a Macro Strategist in Five Easy Steps! ***
*** Zero Hedge: America’s Fiscal Dead End: A 2013 “Minsky Moment” ***
*** Zero Hedge: Citi Expects A 76% Haircut On Greek Debt (And 95% If Country Waits 4 Years) For Debt/GDP Ratio Back Down To 60% ***
*** The Economist: Trying to pull together ***

U.S. New Home Sales Rose 11.1% In March

U.S. new home sales rose 11.1% to 300.000 SAAR; Consensus was at 280.000 SAAR, prior reading (revised upward 20.000) was at 270.000 SAAR.

Video Of The Day – Bloomberg: Jim Rogers Interview on Commodities, Global Stocks

Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings, talks about his investment strategy for global stocks and commodities. Gold advanced, approaching a record, as tensions in the Middle East boosted oil prices, increasing demand for precious metals as a protector of wealth and hedge against inflation. Rogers also discusses his strategy for the U.S. dollar. He speaks in Hong Kong with Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On the Move Asia.”


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