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Video Of The Day – CNBC: China Showing Signs of Slowdown

John Tang, China strategist at UBS, explains why he foresees a significant slowdown in Chinese growth over the second quarter.

Morning Reading – Tuesday, March 22, 2011

*** The Slope Of Hope: Currency Crossroads ***
*** FT Alphaville: The wrong kind of inflation, the ironic austerity ***
*** FT Alphaville: Japan: Supply chain update ***
*** FT Alphaville: Japan’s supply-chain loss, Europe’s gain? ***
*** FT Alphaville: Why no Canadian, Australian housing busts? ***
*** Wired: Possible Early Warning Sign for Market Crashes ***
*** The Big Picture: Are huge earthquakes linked? ***
*** Bloomberg: Nuclear Plant Contaminates Sea After Damage to Fuel Rods ***
*** Climateer Investing: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: “Safe nuclear does exist, and China is leading the way with thorium” ***


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