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Evening Reading – January 4, 2011

*** The Economist: Grounded PIIGS ***
*** The Big Picture: Long Term Stock Market Growth (1871-2010) ***
*** The Big Picture: According to the Fed, it’s everything but inflation ***
*** Economix: Fearing (Another) U.S. Debt Default ***
*** FT Alphaville: SNB collateral, an Irish and BP non-love story ***
*** The Slope of Hope: Weak Precious Metals ***

FOMC Minutes – January 4, 2011

Nothing exciting and new upon first (skim)reading.

Niall Ferguson: Empires on the Edge of Chaos

No secret I’m a big fan of Niall Ferguson. This is a great lecture on empire declines.

Baltic Dry Index At 1693, Down 4.5%

Baltic exchange released it’s first pricing after Christmas. Baltic Dry Index was reported down 4.5% at 1,693. Lowest reading since April 2009.

U.S. Factory Orders Rose 0.7% In November

U.S. factory orders rose 0.7% in November. The consensus was at 0.0%, prior reading was at -0.9%.

Factory shipments rose 0.8% vs. prior reading of 0.4%.

Morning Reading – January 4, 2010

*** The Telegraph: Overheating East to falter before the bankrupt West recovers ***
*** Council on Foreign Relations: When Irish IOUs are Smouldering ***
*** Project-Syndicate: Armageddon Can Wait ***
*** Caixin Online: Good Tidings in 2011 ***
*** The Big Picture: AAII Asset Allocation Survey: Bond Holdings at a 10-Month Low ***
*** The Big Picture: BofA Freddie Mac Putbacks Resolved for 1¢ on $ ***
*** Calculated Risk: House Prices: More Pessimistic Views ***


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