Daily Reading – November 25, 2010

China Financial Markets: Chinese inflation and European defaults

Its official – Spain and Portugal will need to be bailed out soon. How do I know? In one of my favorite TV shows, Yes Minister, the all-knowing civil servant Sir Humphrey explains to cabinet minister Jim Hacker that you can never be certain that something will happen until the government denies it.

FT.com BeyondBRICs: Accessing China’s wallet, Japan edition

The idea of buying into Chinese economic growth by investing in non-Chinese companies isn’t new. Morgan Stanley have a list of American companies with a strong China angle, which we wrote about in July. But, as of December 13th, going long on Chinese growth through Japanese companies will get a lot easier, as Nikkei – the indexer and publisher – launches a China-related basket of stocks…

FT.com BeyondBRICs: China’s energy drive: back on track

Beijing has set an ambitious target to reduce the intensity of energy use in China – and so desperate is the desire to meet it that in one town in Hebei thousands of traffic lights were shut off for more than a week this year. Now, after months of similar extreme power cuts, Beijing’s bureaucrats are able to breathe a sigh of relief: it looks like China is back on track to meet the goal of reducing energy use per unit of gross domestic product by 20 per cent from where it was five years ago…

FT.com Alphaville: More on the European banking binary bet

Many analysts are advising clients to buy battered banking stocks.But none of them are doing it in quite the style of Arturo de Frias, head of banks research at Evolution Securities, who is taking a very big picture, top-down approach…

FT.com Alphaville: New Year’s resolutions for Spain

2011 promises to be an interesting year for Spain. Market focus is shifting southwards following the de facto nationalisation of Ireland’s banking sector. Cue some impeccable timing from Nomura, who predict serious headwinds swooshing across Iberia in the next 12 months…

Reuters: Vale gets approval to list in Hong Kong: source

Brazilian miner Vale SA (VALE5.SA) (VALE.N) has received approval to list on the Hong Kong stock exchange, a source told Reuters on Thursday, bringing the global miner closer to its biggest customer, China…

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