Archive for October 17th, 2010

Book Reviews: A History of Interest Rates by Sidney Homer and Richard Sylla

In short you get exactly what the title says: history of interest rates. It’s probably the only such concise material on the subject. Like all the history books it’s not a lot of fun to read but a lot of useful information is in there, especially tables and charts with interest rate data. The reader is off […]

Tanker Weekly – October 17, 2010

(For The Week Ending October 15, 2010) Baltic Dirty Tanker Index fell 4.0%; Baltic Clean Tanker Index was unchanged. Even though the strike in France keeps vessels employed (at anchor) – the market is still oversupplied. Rates are bellow operating costs. Chart 1. Baltic Tanker Indexes Relative Performance Chart 2. Baltic Tanker Indexes


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