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Markets and Foreclosure Crisis – Part II

You should read this. Naked Capitalism: Josh Rosner: “Could Violations of PSA’s Dwarf Lehman Weekend?”.

FOMC Minutes – October 12, 2010

Nothing special here, FOMC is determinate to provide further monetary stimulus by purchasing longer-dated treasuries. The question which they debated on is whether to provide these measures in case the speed of growth doesn’t pick up or in case the economic condition worsen. My take is, I would not bet that they will announce asset buying programe during November meeting, and […]

China Vehicle Sales Up 16.1% In August

(For August 2010) China Vehicle sales were at 1.32 million; up 16.1% y-o-y and up 6.3% m-o-m. Sales are 23.8% down from March high. China domestic consumption is not rising fast enough to enable China shifting away from export driven growth model. Chart 1. China Car Sales

Markets and Foreclosure Crisis

We still don’t have any reaction from the markets on recent issues with mortgage documentation and to be frank I still don’t know what to think on all that. In terms of housing market possibilities are: 1. This all is overblown and the number of mortgages with defective legal documents is insignificant. 2. Number of mortgages with defective legal documents is […]


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