Archive for December 17th, 2009

Iran Nuclear Program And Potential Consequences For The Markets

Although this in not a blog on politics this particular situation could have enormous impact on markets. Iran and it’s nuclear ambitions and the further developments could pose a future large shock to the markets and unfortunately I think, time wise, something could happen very fast. Maybe early as next year. Nice outline of the […]

U.S. Natural Gas Weekly – 17 December 2009

Working gas in storage fell 207 Bcf from the previous week. Similar as with crude oil stocks this is a clear support to the natural gas price. Chart 1. Natural Gas Futures Chart 2. Working Gas in Underground Storage Compared with 5-year Range

Citgroup Equity Offering Becoming A Correction Catalyst?

Asia closed negative today, Europe is trading also negative -0.5% on average. After I started began to doubt my calls on TARP repayments as a potential correction catalyst the Citigroup equity offering has turn out to be full blown fiasco. The offering was priced yesterday at $3.15 per share, a 20+ percent lower the share […]


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